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Wade & Kayak Fishing on the Coastal Bend of Texas

About the author and his book.
Ray Crawford has been fishing the Texas coast for fifty-four years, and this book is the second in a series he has written on salt water fishing in Texas. It is an in-depth look at the Coastal Bend region and covers every possible legal place where a person could drive to and wade or launch a small boat such as a kayak. Bays covered include San Antonio Bay, Aransas Bay, Red Fish Bay, Copano Bay, Corpus Christi Bay, Upper Laguna Madre, and Oso Bay. Almost 350 location photos, aerial photos, and maps used in the book can be used to give the angler a thorough knowledge of any fishing area.

Author: Ray Crawford
Illustrator: Ray Crawford 273 Pages
335 Photos, Maps, and Satellite Images

  • Model: 9742253-1-9